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Elcore was established in 2006.

Elcore is in the business of distribution of IT equipment, software and services of the best IT Suppliers for organizations (retail, local assemblers, integrators, corporate resellers) selling IT products and services to the end-users. We help top-managers of these organizations to do their business more effective and efficient.

We serve our Clients by:

  • diversity of contracts with the best worldwide IT Suppliers as CISCO, EMC, HP Inc., Schneider Electric, Lenovo, Philips, etc.

  • focused approach to the markets of:

    • Value Added Distribution (VAD) (software, servers, telecommunication equipment, etc.)

    • classic distribution of ready-to-use products (monitors, notebooks, etc.)

  • pure market policy in terms of delivery and information security obtained from Clients and Suppliers

  • financial support for clients’ business development

  • ability to provide support for special project requirements

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