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For partners

We have been operating since 2006 and help clients make their business more predictable and profitable. With offices in 11 countries in Eastern Europe and Asia, we are dedicated to provide comprehensive technological solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients. 

How we help our partners grow their business: 

  • We share deep expertise across various product categories; 

  • Ensure transparent communication and information security; 

  • Provide financial support and help partners grow their business; 

  • Consult, train and offer technical support for solutions and projects; 

  • Have professional teams in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Türkiye; 

  • Provide engineering support at the stages of project preparation and implementation. 


We focus on key technological trends and offer market-demand solutions for cybersecurity, hybrid and multi-cloud, global marketplaces, remote work and learning, AI and machine learning, alternative energy and electric transportation. 

We track new socio-cultural trends such as health and safety awareness, smart homes, online work and education, relocation as a search for a safer and more comfortable place to work and live, and the use of AI-based tools. We collaborate with responsible suppliers whose products adhere to international environmental standards and ethical norms. 

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